5 Tips for New Runners

Here are some basic tips for new runners from a non-professional, clumsy runner with 9 years of running experience. Enjoy!

Number 1. Your running shoes. 

You need to get yourself some light-weight running shoes that will support whatever type of arch your foot has or doesn’t have. I recommend New Balance running shoes. I’ve had the same pair of New Balance running shoes since the beginning of my running journey and every time I buy a different brand I always end up going back to my old shoes. I know they’re pricey, but divided by 9 years, they’re a steal.

New Balance 880v6, $119.99

Number 2. Shoe Insoles.

Okay, more foot stuff. But seriously, this is important if you have flat feet, bunions, or any other foot problem. Buy yourself some arch supporters and your run will go from foal to stallion. Don’t get the gel insoles; those burn the hell out of your foot during a run.

Number 3.  Self-Defense Ring.

This tip is for the solo runner. I like to run alone, in the mornings, in a very woodsy park (my park happens to have no visibility of the running trail from any main road). Every time I run, I’m constantly on the lookout for any strange man popping out of the bushes and attacking me. This ring grants me some peace of mind during my solitary runs and is lighter than pepper spray.

Fisher Defensive Go Guarded Self Defense Ring, $15.99

Number 4. Do Ab workouts.

You use your abdominal muscles a lot during a run. The lower your belly fat and the more muscular the belly, the faster the run!

Number 5. Throw your legs forward.

New runners can make the mistake of dragging their feet instead of propelling them forward. You can ensure you have the proper technique by thinking about how your legs can help your run be more effective. By throwing each leg high with each successive step to land your foot at a further distance on the ground, you guarantee the least amount of strain on your body by forcing your legs to sprint forward at a greater distance than if you were to simply drag your feet quickly (as many new runners do). Think of the ground as something your feet have to tap to push your body forward, or better yet, pretend the ground is burning underneath you and you want your feet to touch it as little as possible. Some people run as though the objective is to repeatedly stomp their feet on the ground, but rather the objective is to cover as much distance as fast as possible.

Have fun running! Don’t forget your sunscreen! Please let me know if any of these tips helped 🙂


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