The Caprice of the GOP

In the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice, Senate Republicans changed a 200-year-old rule that required a 60 vote majority to end any filibustering in order to confirm the Supreme Court nominee.

So, Conservatives changed a 200-year-old rule…when it was in their favor. When people were talking about changing the electoral college, these were the people whose voters/supporters/pundits complained that the electoral college should not be changed to popular rule in order to protect America from “rule by majority” because they believe that majority rule is tyrannical, yet they turn around and change the rules that allow filibustering until a significant percentage of the Senate agrees, to allow rule by slight majority (54-45) in a way that they have described to be tyrannical. 

8 thoughts on “The Caprice of the GOP

  1. The Republicans have no shame–they will do whatever is to their advantage at the moment. (The fact that they did this in order to steal a Supreme Court seat they shouldn’t have makes this especially apparent.)

    They have pretty much spent the last decade sabotaging the proper functions of the Legislative branch of government–and now they complete it with a move to take over the Judicial branch!

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    1. I might’ve heard the same interview (with Roy Blunt?)! In 2003 the democrats threatened a filibuster for bush’s appeals court nominees which caused the republicans to threaten with the “nuclear option” to end the filibuster and get their nominees confirmed anyway. From what I read, only 2 Supreme Court nominees have been filibustered since the 70s, Fortas and Gorsuch. The nuclear option against filibustering a president’s nominee hadn’t been considered as an option in modern times until 2003 but the filibuster rule has been around about 200 years (it was harsher than the 60 vote majority before 1975, and it wasn’t an official, “adopted” rule until 1917).

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