“Tremendous” Sigh

This week, news broke that someone in the United States revealed highly classified intel to the Russians, putting an Israeli spy’s life in danger (among other implications). That same guy who maybe outed an Israeli spy is also the same guy who fired FBI Director James Comey after Comey wouldn’t vow his loyalty to him and wouldn’t drop investigations into Michael Flynn. This same guy called the reporting of these incidents (and the reporting of every wrong thing he has ever done) a witch hunt. Same dude continued calling media outlets who reported his wrongdoings “fake news” (fake news is any truth that makes him look bad), despite going on Twitter and on TV and admitting to doing the exact same things these news outlets were reporting he did. This guy I’m talking about? President Donald Trump of The United States of America.

The worst part is that some of his supporters continue to believe these outlets are fake (some of them know he’s lying but it behooves them to pretend they don’t). Some bias is inevitable in the 24 hour news cycle, but bias and lies are two completely different things; these Breitbart loyalists have a hard time distinguishing that. At this point, Trump’s nose could grow every time he lied and his fanatics would still believe he was telling the truth.

The president of the United States is Donald Trump. To me, that’s like saying we elected Ronald McDonald or Pauly D from the Jersey Shore or Nick Viall from the Bachelor for President– and Trump’s behavior continues to prove they might as well be.

7 thoughts on ““Tremendous” Sigh

  1. What’s weirdest of all is that his zealous supporters should be the ones most angry with him–after all, by getting involved in these endless crises of his own making, he’s squandering the chance to implement their agenda. (Which is fine by me, of course, but still…)

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  2. I remember just a few years after Nixon resigned, I was working in a fancy dinner club as a busboy. There were members who sat at a table after dinner, sipping sherry and smoking cigars as I cleared the table of dishes and water glasses. The discussion was about how Nixon would make his comeback and re-right all that had been wrong about his ouster. I was in a state of disbelief, me in my high school acne-angst condition. This was all before 24 hour cable news. I can’t help but think about those men lately. If they’re still around, they must have finally found their nirvana. – Marty

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  3. This disappoints me that the public continues to think he isn’t that bad. I have co-workers who believe he is the answer to their financial and health care woes. Give me a break! Only four people or so believe out of 200 in my warehouse that Trump was a huge mistake! I live in Ohio where you would think they weren’t so “backwards!” Yikes!
    Thanks for sharing your similar thoughts!
    Smiles, Robin

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