Two Necessary Ingredients for Youthful Skin

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Miranda Kerr is 34, yet her skin does not age!

If you intend to reduce visible signs of skin aging, you’re going to need two ingredients: water and hyaluronic acid. Skin aging occurs through intrinsic and extrinsic factors: intrinsic factors are dictated by changes in hormone levels that occur as we age and extrinsic factors include things like sun exposure and acne. The “external injuries” to our skin caused by everyday life reduces the moisture we have in our face, which leads to the skin’s loss of pliability and its ability to bounce back from extrinsic damage.

So how can we increase the moisture in our skin?

Drink a lot of water, even if you hate it. Water is a natural moisturizer. Think about your skin as if it were a grape. What happens to grapes if they’re left out in the sun? They become raisins due to the dehydration process. It you don’t hydrate yourself, you are dehydrating your skin and accelerating its aging process. If you hydrate your skin, you are actively fighting to keep your skin’s level of moisture locked in, which in turn reduces the effects of extrinsic factors on skin aging.

So how does our skin keep moisture in?

You may have heard the recent buzz in the beauty world surrounding hyaluronic acid (HA)– the magical, anti-wrinkle ingredient that we produce naturally in our bodies but decreases in production as we age. This ingredient is essential for keeping moisture in our skin. It works by retaining water molecules in extracellular matrix molecules (ECM), the molecules between our cells that provide them with structural support. HA works in ECM to bind and retain water molecules, keeping everything in its molecular network hydrated and moisturized.

The best way to keep your skin moisturized is by drinking water and using a moisturizer that has around 2% HA in it. I recently purchased a moisturizer that contains 2% HA in it. I can’t recommend it yet, since I’ve only used it for 3 days, but this is the one I purchased if you’re curious:

What moisturizer do you use? How do you maintain healthy, moisturized skin? Let me know! I may try it out!

12 thoughts on “Two Necessary Ingredients for Youthful Skin

  1. I use Loreal Skin Perfection Day Cream every day. You’re supposed to see improvements in 7 days (I’ve been using it since May), but it doesn’t seem to do anything to me. Or maybe it does, but I certainly didn’t notice any major changes. Great post! xx

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    1. Exfoliating is the best thing for removing dead skin cells. You can buy an exfoliator or make one at home. You can do this 1-2 times a week, depending on your skin type.


  2. I was expecting to see sunscreen mentioned. I feel uv protection is important in the anti ageing battle. At 34 I’d expect anyone’s skin to look good. I’m 54 and I love Astral cream, it’s cheap as could be but I think it’s amazing.

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