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This is a Matt & Nat vegan leather backpack. A problem I usually have with backpacks is that they are either too small or too large for my frame. I end up wearing the same thing for years because I never find something I like… until I find it in which case, the vicious cycle of wearing the same thing for years renews itself!


Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.21.19 PM.png

Weekday Casy Shirt $61.00

I had the long sleeve version of this shirt a few years ago which I’d found in Goodwill. I’m now wishing I hadn’t donated it back into the thrift system! It even looks as though this one’s made with the same fabric– modal, aka artificial silk.


Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.34.18 PM.png
ASOS WHITE Denim Jean With Tie Waistband In Lightblue Wash $83.00 
I don’t know if you guys could tell by now, but I love loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. This is why I would wear a sweatpant jean like this one.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.53.30 PM.png
Boxy Alien Patch Pocket Tee $12.90
Patch Pocket peek-a-boo embroideries like this one are so adorable. I remember seeing a tshirt similar to this one on Tumblr, except an adorable cat was printed in lieu of an alien.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.55.48 PM
Dropped Hoop Stud Earrings $5.90
I’ve noticed that hoop earrings are the new trend in fashion, as a part of the nineties revival (which I am not disappointed by at all. Does that sounds sarcastic? It’s not meant to be). I love wearing hoops and now that they’re in style, beautiful designs are popping up everywhere.
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.16.05 PM.png
ASOS Cold Shoulder Blouse with Shirring & Button Front $49.00
This trumpet sleeve is so cute. I wish the shoulders weren’t cut out but that’s okay. I’ve been looking for a shirt like this one (in black and without the cold shoulders) but it’s difficult to find this type of sleeve. The current sleeve trend is the bell sleeve combined with some off-the-shoulder action.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 2.18.00 PM

ASOS Top with Contrast Mesh Insert $25.00

This top is simple and elegant for a night out. It’s perfect for late evening parties in the summer or for going to a bar.

Well, that’s it for now!

Thanks for sharing these random online shopping experiences with me ūüôā

How I Dealt With A Boss From Hell

In January of last year, I took a job that taught me a lot about interpersonal relationships, office politics, and how to deal with an alcoholic for a boss.

Within the first week at this company, my boss was already bad-mouthing employees in front of me, asking me (at noon) if I wanted to join him for a shot of whiskey, and speaking disparaging things¬†about women, arabs, and black people in casual conversation (he believes racial/ethnic slurs are only politically incorrect).¬†Within a couple of months, he was bad-mouthing me to the CEO’s daughter, inviting my interns to the bar after work, and aggressively endorsing Trump¬†at company events. I’d had other bosses before so I knew what it meant to be professional. This guy¬†was a real piece of work.

Luckily, this person was only the boss I directly reported to, so there was a hierarchy above him that I could approach concerning his behavior. Here are some tips on how to deal with a boss like this.

  1. Take them to lunch.¬†Why would you want to take someone like this out to lunch? If they’re behaving this way, it could just be that there’s something going on¬†in their personal lives. Try to create a respectful work relationship (since they couldn’t) and show them that you’re on their side. This may not work but it’s worth a try.
  2. Keep record.¬†If your boss tells you to change something on an assignment or do something other than what you should be working on, ask them to send you an email request. If they deny the email request, notify your boss, your team, and relevant higher ups via email that you’ll momentarily be working on a different assignment or changing the project at hand. If your boss’s decision ends up being questioned by their boss, they won’t be able to blame it on you (I learned this the hard way).
  3. Set boundaries.¬†If they start talking about subjects that are unprofessional or make you uncomfortable, politely redirect the conversation. If they continue circling back to these topics, tell them you don’t like discussing those topics at work.
  4. Don’t drink with them.¬†It took me a¬†month to figure out my boss was an alcoholic. Before this, I’d joined him and the team out for drinks after work a few times to get to know them. While it’s definitely okay to grab drinks with coworkers¬†every once in¬†a while, my boss did this at least twice a week in addition to his showing up to work hungover and drinking on the job. If you notice that your boss is a alcoholic, don’t participate in drinking¬†behaviors with them. If they ask¬†you¬†to go for drinks, ask them for coffee or tea instead.
  5. Address the problem.¬†Chances are, the both of you know there’s tension between you. Schedule a meeting with your boss and HR to talk about it. If things don’t improve or if they worsen (as it worsened in my case), schedule a meeting with your boss’s boss (or a relevant authority to whom you both report to/hold meetings with).¬†Do not invite the boss who is giving you trouble to this meeting. I had this meeting with my boss’s boss (he was always in our team meetings and we already had a professional and friendly relationship). While the meeting didn’t help to improve¬†my direct boss’s behavior, it did change who my direct boss was. I no longer had to report to the disrespectful boss because his boss changed the office¬†hierarchy so that we both had to report to him.

As you can imagine, this change really bothered my now former boss. He became more erratic and drank even more. The situation at the company wasn’t really changing so I began looking for a job that allowed me to work remotely until I started medical/law school (I had taken this managing position after graduating university and was using it to fill time while I decided between medical school and law school). I’ll be starting law school in the fall and am very grateful for the time I spent at that company. I learned a lot about how to deal with people (terrible bosses in particular) and I know that it will be invaluable to me in the future.

Petty Politics

My dad is an old school Cuban; born right before the Cuban Revolution of 1959, he witnessed enough crimes committed by¬†the Castro Regime to despise anything that resembles communism. My great grandfather immigrated to Cuba from Catalonia, Spain in the late 1800s, my grandfather built on the work of his father, and my father was destined to do the same. But as a child, my dad¬†had to watch as the Castro Regime¬†took his family’s businesses, lands, and any surplus my grandparents and great grandparents had ever worked for¬†and distributed it to people who hadn’t earned¬†it. My dad had to¬†watch as the Castro militia murdered by firing squad anyone who opposed the revolutionaries. As a result, my dad had nothing but grit to his name when he left Cuba in the early eighties (grit that you can still see today). When he arrived to America he saw the land of opportunity and the chance to rebuild a legacy the way my great grandfather did when he had arrived in Cuba from Spain. My dad, by all accounts, achieved the American Dream and¬†he is the¬†perfect¬†example of what it means to be a hard-worker and to put family first.

Back when my dad emigrated from Cuba to the U.S., the U.S. president was Ronald Reagan. Reagan¬†was an anti-communist roast master and a champion for amnesty and immigration; that combination was all it took to make my dad a loyal Republican for decades to come. In 2007, my dad voted for¬†John McCain (in spite of his VP pick) who is one of the most stand-up, honorable republicans I’ve had the pleasure to watch; I’m a registered Independent, and while I don’t agree with everything the republicans (or democrats) believe, I know a decent human being when I see one.

John McCain was the last presidential nominee my dad voted for who was a republican.

If you ask my dad why he doesn’t vote republican anymore he’ll tell you it’s because there aren’t any decent republicans running against the democrats for the oval. My dad has an immeasurable amount of respect for the office of the president and he finds it impossible to stand behind any person or party that doesn’t hold the office of the president to the same high standard. While both parties can be “petty,” one party outdoes the other in pettiness (the republicans were staunch against helping the Obama administration make changes, and are now staunchly silent at the Trump administration’s serious faults).

I want to see a lot of changes in Washington, and if the next four years serve only to make the condition¬†of Washington worse, then I have hope that within the next ten years we can see it get that much better. I know that our government can work, but we need to elect people who will fight for everyone and do so with integrity. And that starts with us, the voters. That means hearing each other out, that¬†means compromise, that¬†means meeting somewhere in the middle, that¬†means respect, that¬†means no name-calling. I really can’t wait to see a Reagan or McCain type of Republican run for president. Those are the kind of republicans¬†who respect the oval and respect the American people.¬†Until then,¬†my dad and I are voting blue.

Yoga and me

If you asked me what I thought about yoga three years ago my answer would’ve been about the people who I think do yoga, gurus and¬†Hollywood starlets, not about yoga itself. In 2014, my best friend texted me a link to a Bikram Yoga (aka yoga in a really hot room) Groupon for¬†unlimited yoga sessions for 1 month, $30. My weekday routine for that month became school, work, and yoga and I would’ve continued that routine if the actual (non-Groupon) monthly membership didn’t cost $140. So what do you do when you aren’t a yoga expert, don’t want to pay a ridiculous monthly membership, but love yoga and want to continue doing it as part of a daily routine? You go on YouTube and search for yogis and find that there’s an endless supply of yoga videos: yoga for runners, yoga for depression, yoga for back pain, yoga for weight loss, and there’s even yoga for constipationūüėā.I went from never really thinking about¬†yoga to discovering how beneficial it could be as a practice for so many different areas in life.

My current workout routine includes yoga, pop pilates, and running. I’ve had people tell me things¬†about yoga like “yoga doesn’t make me¬†sweat,” and¬†“I need something less passive to destress” and I get it, from the outside in yoga isn’t as appealing as a cardio/strength training workout could be, and although you’ll definitely burn more by running (and running is also a great de-stressor), most of us aren’t going to do an intense workout everyday. So, yoga¬†is a great option for the more low-key workout days (or for cooling down after a strenuous workout).

Yoga is great for a lot of¬†things but¬†the main reason I do it because is because of how relaxed and centered I feel afterwards. This¬†is the yoga routine I use after my morning runs (it helps release any tension I have in my body after¬†running). If you have something in particular that you want to work on, like weight loss or back pain, I encourage you to search ¬†Youtube for “yoga for weight loss” or “yoga for back pain.” You will see how much it can help.


Vintage Video Album

I made a video of old family photos (before I was born). The first few photos are pictures from the late 50s in Cuba, a time when a 10 year old’s birthday called for a two-tiered cakeūüėā and children on the island could still go to Catholic school. The second part of the video features photos of my parents and other family members in Honduras in the late 80s. Enjoy!

Celebrating Our Friendiversary in Miami Beach

My best friend and I decided we’d seize the atypical chilly weather (67¬į F for South Florida) and take a drive down to South¬†Beach to celebrate our 10 year friendiversary.

We started our day at the beach and made our way to lunch afterwards.

At the pier, the tint of seafoam green on the ocean bed gave the scene¬†a spectacular, picturesque appearance (spent the afternoon in a postcard >.<). And¬†then there’s the way the waves desperately hit the shore and how the sound of those waves desperately hitting the shore enhanced the visual beauty of the¬†sea (beyond amazing!)–being at the beach is¬†one of those things that you have to experience in life (so many people haven’t!). Also, I’ve heard that being near water makes people happier.

We then walked toward Espa√Īola Way, Miami Beach’s Spanish colonial area. We found this corner restaurant called “Oh Mexico” where the ambience, the service, and above all the food, was out-of-this-world amazing. Seriously, if you’re ever in Miami, go there.

It was a great day.