5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help The Environment

  #1 - Ask the right questions. So many of us have made the mistake of asking people whether they believe in climate change. Instead of asking people if they believe the facts, we need to start creating progressive conversations by asking, "what do you think our society should do about climate change?" Ask questions like … Continue reading 5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Help The Environment

Trump’s Playground – March 20-April 20

Executive Orders: Revocation of Federal Contracting Executive Orders X This order rescinds the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order that requires companies that seek to work with the federal government to demonstrate that they comply with federal laws and executive orders. Source Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth X This order rescinds many strides made by the Obama … Continue reading Trump’s Playground – March 20-April 20

6 Reasons You Should Go To The March For Science This Saturday

If you care about the truth. If you think facts shouldn't be a partisan issue.  If you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent who understands the facts of climate change and consider it an obligation to protect the current and future generations from a flooded, polluted, unbreathable planet. If you are concerned with the regressive policies of the … Continue reading 6 Reasons You Should Go To The March For Science This Saturday

The Caprice of the GOP

In the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice, Senate Republicans changed a 200-year-old rule that required a 60 vote majority to end any filibustering in order to confirm the Supreme Court nominee. So, Conservatives changed a 200-year-old rule...when it was in their favor. When people were talking about changing the electoral college, these were the people whose … Continue reading The Caprice of the GOP

Books, Trump, and the “inner city”

About three years ago, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenéz was looking to make room in the annual budget by closing down 22 public libraries; next thing you knew, town halls were packed with angry Miamians, the Miami New Times was writing about it, and WLRN (our local NPR station) was reporting on it. The public outrage was so strong that … Continue reading Books, Trump, and the “inner city”

Trump’s Playground: Feb 20-March 20

Executive Orders: Second Muslim Ban-this article clearly outlines the big differences between the first and second travel bans Light initiative to improve historically black colleges - seemingly well-intentioned order that could've been better if year-round pell grants would've been granted for students, critics say. This order is more rhetoric than action. Dismantling of Clean Water Rule - the … Continue reading Trump’s Playground: Feb 20-March 20