Things you THOUGHT were vegan but aren’t – Part 2

Soaps Some soaps will list sodium tallowate, aka animal fat, as an ingredient. L-Oreal, Dove, and Neutrogena soaps hold a "bottom" rating on the animal welfare scale, suggesting they're a company that does animal testing.. Condoms Some condoms are made with casein (the typical latex condom) or lamb intestines. Shampoos/Conditioners Ingredients like amino acids or vitamin B could be plant-based … Continue reading Things you THOUGHT were vegan but aren’t – Part 2


The Environmental Vegan

The world's leading cause of climate change is animal agriculture, an industry contributing more than 51% of greenhouse gas emissions (a conservative estimate). Beef is a huge product among consumers, and the love affair Americans have with the industry valued it at $60 billion (in the U.S. alone) in 2015. There is a financial incentive … Continue reading The Environmental Vegan