Yoga and me

If you asked me what I thought about yoga three years ago my answer would’ve been about the people who I think do yoga, gurus and Hollywood starlets, not about yoga itself. In 2014, my best friend texted me a link to a Bikram Yoga (aka yoga in a really hot room) Groupon for unlimited yoga sessions for 1 month, $30. My weekday routine for that month became school, work, and yoga and I would’ve continued that routine if the actual (non-Groupon) monthly membership didn’t cost $140. So what do you do when you aren’t a yoga expert, don’t want to pay a ridiculous monthly membership, but love yoga and want to continue doing it as part of a daily routine? You go on YouTube and search for yogis and find that there’s an endless supply of yoga videos: yoga for runners, yoga for depression, yoga for back pain, yoga for weight loss, and there’s even yoga for constipation😂.I went from never really thinking about yoga to discovering how beneficial it could be as a practice for so many different areas in life.

My current workout routine includes yoga, pop pilates, and running. I’ve had people tell me things about yoga like “yoga doesn’t make me sweat,” and “I need something less passive to destress” and I get it, from the outside in yoga isn’t as appealing as a cardio/strength training workout could be, and although you’ll definitely burn more by running (and running is also a great de-stressor), most of us aren’t going to do an intense workout everyday. So, yoga is a great option for the more low-key workout days (or for cooling down after a strenuous workout).

Yoga is great for a lot of things but the main reason I do it because is because of how relaxed and centered I feel afterwards. This is the yoga routine I use after my morning runs (it helps release any tension I have in my body after running). If you have something in particular that you want to work on, like weight loss or back pain, I encourage you to search  Youtube for “yoga for weight loss” or “yoga for back pain.” You will see how much it can help.


Vintage Video Album

I made a video of old family photos (before I was born). The first few photos are pictures from the late 50s in Cuba, a time when a 10 year old’s birthday called for a two-tiered cake😂 and children on the island could still go to Catholic school. The second part of the video features photos of my parents and other family members in Honduras in the late 80s. Enjoy!